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para marcelito


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o sino lee esto


Tools: You need a 10mm box wrench, a 5mm Allen wrench, a utility knife that is very sharp, and a Philips screwdriver. If your hoses are very stubborn a small pliers for grabbing the hoses may help. I was able to disassemble the hose connections by hand. The older the rubber the tougher this may be. Also helpful are a small mirror and a flashlight.

The canister is the black tin can attached to the subframe rail at the rear right of your bike. The plumbing is depicted in Figure 1. I'll refer to the labels in Figure 1. in the following description. Thanks to Ian at ABMW for the original schematic drawing.

Bike on center stand. Remove right side fairing. You'll need to do this to gain access to the rubber hoses. If you have bags on the bike take off the right side bag. Remove the left side fairing. You need to do this to gain access to the solenoid and associated plumbing.

Pull off the three hoses that connect to the front edge of the canister. The front of the can is held by a clamp attached to the passenger footpeg frame loop. Remove the bolt and clamp with a 5mm Allen wrench and a 10mm box wrench or socket wrench (the bolt is invisible behind the clamp; this is where the mirror is handy). Once the nut is off squeeze the clamp to release the bolt disconnecting the clamp and can. Save the clamp and bolt for the airhorn project (below).

Remove the can from the bike by sliding it back parallel to the frame rail. It will unhook from the metal tab and come loose. Donate it to the BMW parts museum (you don't have one of these?).

The plumbing removal/modification is the next step. First work on Tube A. Locate the solenoid (my bike is a '95) on the left side rear of the air box. It's a weird little gizmo that has it's own rubber mounting device. It is just ahead of the side panel extending from the tail section. There is one of those slick spring locked electrical connectors running to it. Leave the solenoid and it's electrical connector on the bike; Brian at ABMW thinks this is cleaner because there is no dangling electric connector to deal with. I agree.

Pull the hose off the forward side of the solenoid and follow it over to the "T" where it splits. One side of the "T" goes down (B) to the left throttle body. Disconnect the "T" from all three hoses.

Remove the left throttle body hose and discard. Immediately cap the nipple on the throttle body.

Go to the right throttle body and remove the hose from the corresponding nipple (C). Cap immediately. Gently pull the hose through from the right side and discard. On the right side free the hose back to the solenoid (it runs in some clips) and discard.

The hose from the rear of the solenoid (D) is a pain. I gently pried the side panel away from the bike to gain access to the hose but I couldn't free it from the connection to the solenoid. I decided to cut it at the bracket just behind the solenoid using my utility knife. For Gods sake be careful! Once the hose was cut I traced it back behind the fuse box where it was clipped gently freeing it as I went. I then pulled it out of the bike and discarded it. BTW if you have an old car with rotten vacuum lines you could use the old hose for patches. Just a thought.

Here is the slick part of the removal. Following hose (E) one finds that it is routed down to the bottom of the bike behind the rider footpeg plate. Here it lies alongside tube (H) and the battery overflow tube. DO NOT REMOVE THIS TUBE. Note there is a white plastic clip holding two tubes together. These are tubes (E) and (H). Remove this clip and keep it handy.

Follow tube (G) up along the frame to where it ends at a "butt" connector. The tube on the other side of the connector continues up to the gas tank. At the same spot there should be a butt connector tying tube (H) to a similar tube heading up the gas tank.

Carefully pull tube (G) off the butt connector. Discard it. Take tube (E) and lay it next to the butt connector. It will need to be trimmed to the correct length. Cut it and connect it to the butt connector. Now reinstall the tube clip you removed so that it ties the two "downtubes" together.

Viola. You are done. Stop and admire the marked improvement... :-)
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Gracias Edum, algun dia voy a estar muy al pedo y se lo voy a sacar..

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