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reseteos de cardo

Mensaje  fede12 el 1/6/2013, 21:35

no logro enlazar un G9 con un Q2 siguiendo las instrucciones, googeleando encontre como resetear los "apareos", copio las instrucciones aca en ingles para el que le sirva.

reseteo G9

Reset Pairing
To delete your paired devices (not including “One+8” pairings):
1.  Verify that your G9 is turned ON and in Standby mode (single
BLUE flash every 3 seconds).
2.  Press and hold the Mobile Button for at least 6 seconds. The G9
will first flash RED. Continue to hold the button until the RED
and BLUE lights begin rapidly alternating.
3. Press and hold the Volume Up Button for 2 seconds.
4.  The PURPLE light will flash 5 times and then the
scala rider G9 will turn OFF, indicating that the Reset was
successfully completed.

If this does not cure what ails your G9 unit try repeating the process BUT instead of pressing and holding the Volume Up button in Step 3 above press and hold the Voice Connect button (middle button on the side) for 2 seconds. Step 4 will happen in the same way and your Cardo G9 will be restored to factory defaults.

reseteo Q2

1. Perform FULL PAIRING RESET (not Intercom Pairing reset) to all Q2’s.
2. With the Q2 powered on press and hold the control button until the unit begins to flash red and blue. (Note it will look like it is turning off; keep holding the Control Button in until it comes back on, Red and Blue alternating.)
3. With the LED flashing red and blue, press and hold ONLY the volume up button for 5 seconds until the unit flashes blue (light purple) 4 to 5 times and then flashes red 3 times and turns off.
4. You have now reset your Q2.

Next you must re-pair any Bluetooth connections previously connected, starting with Q2 to Q2 intercom pairings.

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Re: reseteos de cardo

Mensaje  gsadventure el 2/6/2013, 23:27

Muchísimas gracias !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers


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